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Patient Safety: JC, NABH, NABL

JCAHO has officially been renamed JC. Short and sweet to remember. All stakeholders from patients to healthcare providers can now benefit from the easy to use, simple guidelines. I like the Patient Safety   area very much. [ ] Quality in healthcare delivery is not an option but essential. Even the healer can be a patient at times and that is when it hurts really hard. Medical equipment, technology, software are tightly regulated to assure 'Primum Non Nocere' - physician do no harm. Quality is a mindset beautifully exemplified by Toyota corporation with their TQM-total quality management philosophy. For a Japanese company to learn automobile technology from USA and Europe and replicate it in the Japan of 1945 that was emerging from the second world war with a clean reset was a moment. The Japanese penchant fro perfection be it in the art of tea making, ikibana (flower arrangement) or calligraphy fl

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