Saturday, August 16, 2014

head injury wonder

a RTA patient was admitted to one of the teaching hospitals GCS - 4/15 with SAH, LOC. In the corporate world this patient might end up with a huge bill (running into several lakhs), teaching hospital environment is different. Here the the team endeavours to practise medicine in an ethical way per hippocratic oath. Indiginisation runs in our veins as we grew up tinkering with ambassador car/lambretta scooters where repair is default, replace a luxury. Even the manufacturer is astonished to learn how much juice we can extract from a fruit :)

Patient went through HPE, FAST, airway secured, line access opened and neurosurgeon requested to assist. SAH was successfully evacuated. An intensivist team took over from here and gradually brought the patient back to GCS 15/15 to go home walking. Psychiatrist consultation was sought early to keep mental equilibrium as swings in mood during acute trauma are expected. Today he has been returned to the community by this wonderful team of medics, who work out of passion to serve. A refreshing change from a world, where even breast milk is sold and uterus hired like a bank vault!

Medicine is service...full stop.

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