Sunday, September 27, 2009

spiritual satisfaction in old age home and mentoring

went back to the old age home where I run a charity clinic after a break of 18 months. how much one can do as a doctor if money is not part of the equation was/and is always evident there. every time I visit this home, I learn something new! saw a new patient whose daughter is a VP with a not all residents are abandoned :) after seeing a few a patients, doing one ecg and accepting a simple soup (again simple but delcious) left with pride in my heart. oh, yaah I donated my 6 year old PC to the home to be used as EMR holder in the Medical Centre. Joy of Giving week mission accomplished.

mentored a yound medic, who is where I was 19 years ago. Freshly minted coin with big dreams in the eyes and youth on ones side to move mountains but the world can be a harsh place to freshers. It is like being born again after 10 months of comfort in our mother's womb, thrust out into the cold, loud, strange world. Add to it the aura of being called a Dr and the expectations from all quarters to be successful and famous. It is prescription: do what you will enjoy doing everyday of your life, dont do things to satisfy anyone but you. Heard an inspiring speech from a Medic who decided to go and live amongst mountain people in Ooty and gets satisfaction in being the change in their lives. Was and will always be a big fan of Mother Teresa, who saw Jesus in all the filth and dirt of Calcutta...that is true worship and no wonder she is a saint.