Tuesday, December 14, 2004


why do ghosts come in definite patterns? A ghost in India always wears a white saree, associated with Jasmine and usually also involves delusions of smell, sound and vision (may include touch and rarely taste). A ghost in the western world is always about 100 - 150 years old and wears costumes of that period. Is it because the person who has been conditioned to see a ghost sees what he wants to see? If a child grows up with no concept of a ghost (like me) what would a ghost look like to him?hmm... now who was that behind me?


raghu said...

Have lived in a haunted house. after a year and a half we found that the damn spirit was after mom. One evening at 7 pm, Mom saw the fellow. It was between me and mom, yet I could not see it. I was at the gate across the courtyard, looking left and right at that infrequent sight of a man on foot or cycle pass by. She was in the front room and It was at the door. It gave a loud bang on the door. mom screamed. I turned back. Nothing! The tube light came on. Mom said, " switched on the bulb but hit the wrong switch.
At night, the fellow would shake the tiny window hooks and wake us all up. I am the type who can sleep through artillery barrage.
That was in Trivandrum.
A year back I was walking down from the Kadappakkam children's home to the clinic with the local taxi driver. when near the cllinic, he held my hand tight and said, "don't look back." I not only looked back but also flashed the torch in the direction. Nothing.
"Have you eaten fish?" Kaja Bhai asked. "Yes." I said.

Whenever I used to pass that point, I used to feel a strange presence in that general area. May be that is how I 'see' them.

thanga said...

Thank you for writing about ghosts. So the ghost was personal to your mum? Did anyone else see it? You mentioned it was invisible to you. Do you agree with my hypotheses that ghosts are essentially inherent to a person. If he is a Tamilian, the chances are that he will see what he is aware of only i.e. Tamilian. If he has been exposed to other cultures he may incorporate that. But say for eg. he has never seen a Japanese guy, what will he make of a Japanese ghost? The eye will not see what the mind doesn't see.

thanga said...

opeh sir...any more of your ghost experiences? from your younger days, perhaps military school days. did you go to ghost well?