Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Hindu culture segments life into 4 phases; Baliya,  Brahmachari, Grihasta and Sanyasi. Upto 12, 25, 50 years of age you progress to renounce physical world and live a life of detachment beyond 50 years of age. Notice the doubling and the fact that 50% of life should be for community/society. All great men have done this viz., Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Ramanujam, Shankara...Simple life with great thinking marks the few from ordinary mortals.

My dad has always lead by example, I am one of his chelas. Sharing your joy with others, that too those less fortunate who are neglected, alone, hungry and deserted multiplies it manifold. My decade with GE taught me the power of education, there can't be a nobler charity than teaching. He distributes food and clothes but I insisted on reading/writing material. While shopping in Vashi Hypercity was approached by college students volunteering to raise money for a cancer child patient. Gladly helped them. Crossword and Landmark setup shop offering learning pack for Rs 100 (colouring book, pencil, eraser) once paid for by a patron to distribute amongst Kamatipura children. Kamatipura is famous for prostitution, the book pack is for their children who came into this world as a byproduct of someone's pleasure. Life is difficult for these poor souls who earn a pittance for working 18+ hours 7 days a week with constant fear of sexual disease, violence and exploitation. I donated willingly to help these children who grow up hearing and seeing their mothers being abused daily. Went on a shopping spree for my young brood, picked up colouring books, crayons and a cap with India flag. Dad distributed rava laddu and samosa, I gave out books and crayons. My gift will last a long time and of the 30 many will become IAS, IPS officers, DRs, teachers who will remember the uncle who gave them these gifts. I want to bring digital education, oops before that English, Maths skills so they confidently walk tomorrow's stage.

With my dream growing we left, content 30 children will snugly tuck into bed with hope, knowing there are still a few left in this world who are happy in giving rather than taking.

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