Tuesday, December 14, 2004

MMI (man machine interface)

HCI (human computer interaction) is a subset of MMI; how can we interact with a machine intelligently? We dont understand human language development completely so far in 2004. AMESLAN (american sign language) is a good example of a basic language. It is used by people with language problems communicating efectively. It has been used to communicate with apes too. Language = gestures, signs, sounds, smells, touch & pain (high intensity touch), taste, all used in various proportions by different animals. Can we have a universal language? will it be pictorial like the ancient Egyptians (Indians, Mesopotamians, Chinese) had 5500 years ago? Pictures carry much more eficiently a message than words. natural computing can create self learning sytems. What sensory input should it have? Can we have more options than we have (3S2T)?


Anonymous said...

Thanga, thx for re-invigorating a subject we had floated before. I have evolved a lot into the 'Synchronicity' events that have been occuring in my life since ( in memory), 1987. Which interface, perhaps a no time-space portal through which information ( meaningful) can collide through a media ( in time and space co-ordinate), which is in this case me, a human, and then leave you the choice to ponder that brain/soul/spirit, et al, info-communicate through a process, yet remote in everyday living. Last 2 years churned my life, through a whirlwind !!!Write back, Thanga.

thanga prabhu said...

please give me a email id to write back, sir