Tuesday, August 19, 2014

miracles still happen

I was witness to a miracle that unfolded in front of my eyes this morning. A tiny fighter (4 months old weighing just 4.5 kg) came in for VSD (hole in heart) repair. The way a dedicated team of clinicians went about performing an open heart procedure on this handful of a baby brought tears to my eyes. In earlier times he wouldn't have lasted beyond school, dying of heart failure/respiratory infections but now he will probably outlive me! Wah...yeah hui na baath?

Medical work is noble, spiritual, unique in that the skills mean difference between life and death...literally. To accomplish such feats a team of clinicians, technicians and healthcare miracle workers has to synchronize and work together with clockwork precision. Like a relay race the baton passes from one to another seamlessly, communication is subtle and in gestures mostly. A hand reaches out to have the correct instrument placed at the right angle with the right things included, which then goes on to become an extension of the surgeon's fingers to deftly weave his magic on the tiny heart.

When the sheets came off in the end for him to be transferred out of the OT, the tiny fighter caught my attention by his sheer smallness. As the team lifted him onto the transport incubator there were many tubes and lines, which I gladly extended a hand to lift.

 BTW-by the way this too happened in a corporate hospital.

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