Tuesday, November 09, 2010

God - east and west

the difference between eastern and western science is that in the west it is analytical as opposed to empirical in the east. We in the east accept things as they are and see realty as a spectrum. We dont look for cause/result always and can have all shades of gray from shoonya (zero) to ananth (infinity). God in my mind is a concept and you must see 'anbe sivam' a classic by Kamal Hasan to undderstand how everyone can be God. I am also drifting strongly towards Buddhist thought which preaches that the now and current is more important than past or future. I also am an admirer of Japanese culture of 'Perfection' in as subtle a thing as tea making or flower arangement (ikibana).

Stephen Hawking is a western scientist and he and his coworkers are splitting the atom to such an extent that now we are talking of a state in which matter can exist as matter or a wave. The further we go down that path, we are finding it is like going up further into space in search of other galaxies; both leading us to realms beyond human comprehension.

I believe our (eastern) approach to science and medicine is a workable way than trying to understand everything. What human intelligence cant comprehend is attributed to religion leading to the theory of religion begins where science ends.