Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Can we conquer the final frontier - our brain?

Man looked in the heavens above and oceans below searching for God. He has always been with us in our brains. God is another emotion like happy, sad, angry, etc. On recurrent use the temporal lobe dominates over all other lobes and so makes a person deeply religious. It should be very difficult to wean such a person away from religion, theoretically atleast. Similarly an atheist should have a poorly developed TL.

I am trying to understand how my own Brain works and so far I am bamboozled!

But I will keep trying and hopefully in my lifetime crack this tough question. Met a guy from Finland who wants to study neurology to use in his study of international political relations. Study one brain to understand how so many brains work (or dont work) together, maybe he has a point...

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